Gas Dynamics & Supersonic Flow

Compressible Flow
Equations of Motion
1-D Isentropic Relations
Wave Propagation
Flow through Nozzles and Ducts
2-D Compressible Flow
Prandtl-Meyer Expansion
Shock Interactions
Shock-Expansion Techniques for Aerofoils
Method of Characteristics
Unsteady Supersonic Flow
Flow Tables/Software

Shock-Tube Simulation

This application simulates the gas flow in a one dimensional shock tube. The input parameters are the values of driver and driven gas pressure used. Both Driver and Driven gas are initially ideal air at room temperature.

  Driver section input parameters: Driven section input parameters:
Tube Length Initial Pressure (PSIG) Initial Pressure (mmHg abs)
Initial temperature (K) Initial temperature (K)
  Gas constant R (J kg−1 K−1) Gas constant R (J kg−1 K−1)
  Specific heat ratio, gamma Specific heat ratio, gamma
                                                                                    Contributor: V.Zecevic