With this tool you can import an aerofoil geometry that has been constructed elsewhere. The required input for the process is the name of the section file containing the coordinates of the aerofoil that you have already produced. This should be an ASCII data file with the extension ".dat" or ".txt". The section will be stored in "the shed" for later use in the wind tunnel.

Sample of Required Format :

   10.00 m Span,  NACA Section : 0012 
     121 Data Points
        1.00000        0.00126
        0.99931        0.00136
        0.99726        0.00164
        0.99384        0.00212
        0.98907        0.00278
        0.98296        0.00363
        0.97553        0.00464
        0.96679        0.00583

Notes : File must contain span of wing in metres on line 1
Must contain number of surface data points supplied on line 2
Section surface data points (meters) are listed as X,Y cordinates, starting at trailing edge and running counter-clockwise around section back to trailing edge. The file format must be identical to that produced by the NACA milling machine otherwise it will not suit the balance mounting system and cannot be installed into the tunnel.

Submission File:

admin pattern tunnel