Vortex Lattice Method Calculations
This script calculates the aerodynamic properties of a three-dimensional wing in potential flow. The planform geometry of the wing and a tailplane can be specified for cases of symmetric wing loading about the center-line. Aerofoil section CL properties are assumed to be linear with a d(CL)/d(α) gradient of 2π. Camber effects can be introduced by setting a zero lift angle, α0, for each section.
The wing can be divided into two connected zones by including a mid-span location "y(section)". If this location is not specified (ie y=0.0) then a single zone is created from wing root to tip. Similarly if no tail location is input, this component will be dropped from the calculation.
Input Geometry
Wing Span (m)
Root Chord (m)
α0 Root (deg)

Initial Sweep (deg)

Mid-Span Location (m)
Mid-Span Chord (m)
α0 Mid-Span (deg)

Final Sweep (deg)

Tip Chord (m)

α0 Tip (deg)

Tail Location(m)
Tail Span (m)
Tail Chord (m)
Tail Sweep (deg)
Tail Incidence (deg)
Aircraft CG location (m)


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